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Stephenie Rodriguez
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Keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur, Latina, big data evangelist, global citizen, Inventor, Founder of WanderSafe, WSL Alumni, and mentor. Innovation is my driver, and I am on a mission to impact 1 billion lives by 2025 in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  



After leading digital strategy and transformation projects for multinational, multibillion dollar travel companies including SSP - the food travel experts and Club Med for the past 10 years, I have embarked on an entrepreneurial venture that combines my vast knowledge of the travel industry, the necessity of safety solutions for travellers and commuters and the enterprise opportunity that exists for tourism boards, airlines and airports to capitalise on insights from big data related to the female travel decision maker. 




Client Reviews

Stephenie combines a deep understanding of digital and social media with a creative and innovative mindset. With her broad interest and curiosity, she has the ability to articulate game-changing concepts and strategies. When it comes to implementation her dedication to excellence and energy are exemplary.
— Rick Stavast, CEO Caviar House
Stephenie is the expert when it comes to disruptive technologies in the airport and airline industry. She has presented at three of the conferences I produced and I have seen her speak at many more events. Stephenie is a stellar speaker, always providing the audience with thought provoking comments whilst actively challenging the status quo of existing technologies. She is a lovely person to work with and I would highly recommend to invite her to speak at one of your events!
— Annebeth Wijtenburg, oBike Global
If I could say one thing about Stephenie, it’s that she’s connected. I don’t mean that she’s connected, even though she’s connected with the people who are paving the way for the future of marketing...that’s a given with her...I mean she’s connected to where marketing is, isn’t and where it needs to be. She’s a visionary and an experimenter. It shows in her work, her events, and also in the relationships she builds with businesses, other thought leaders, and also the very platforms they use to earn relevance and build relationships.
— Brian Solis, Principal Analyist at Altimeter, Author of X - When Experience Meets Design


Japanese for 'well done' or better than, JOZU for WOMEN is a platform that empowers women to travel better & safer. The company is presently in BETA and early stage, having raised $400K in angel investment and is in its third version. 

The solution is one that provides legacy safety information to female travellers and those verified can enhance the application with first person experiential data to contribute to the knowledge base around locations that are safe or not safe. 



JOZU Magazine

JOZU Magazine in its 3rd edition is a lifestyle magazine for adventurous women over 30 who appreciate the finer things in life.

It's a celebration of our members, and a currated inspirational guide to the best destinations in the world. 


jozu magazine - a digital publication for women | lifestyle

I began my career in content in 2001, when I published my first issue of Ocean Drive Australia, a franchised magazine of OCEAN DRIVE from Miami which at the time belonged to SoBe News Inc. It was later sold to Greenspun Media. In a similiar vein to Ocean Drive, and as part of the celebration of travel and lifestyle from our members, JOZU launched its first and second editions of our online digital publication at JAUNTE. 

Deciding it was a better and easier solution for our readers to follow  the JOZU brand, we changed the name of the publication from JAUNTE to JOZU Magazine. The publication features interesting articles generated by and about our travel community members. 


JOZU Analytics

Travel stakeholders, such as Tourism Boards, hotel chains, Airlines and dutyfree companies are the greatest beneficiaries of the big data that is generated from listening to travelers. With the robust travel community of JOZU for WOMEN and the power of the Microsoft Azure suite, we are able to create robust social insight dashboards and analytics as a service as an enterprise offering. 






After traveling to more than 52 countries and most of the time as a solo business traveler, I decided to develop a way for women to not make the same mistakes I did. That was the inspiration for JOZU for WOMEN. Its been an interesting journey of connecting to the right team of creative, clever and intelligent co-Founders who shared my passion and we proudly birthed this idea in private BETA in March 2017. Since that time, we acquired more than 1 million HENRY (High Earners Not Rich Yet) females who are also women who wander. 

JOZU has raised more than $450M in angel funding and continues to raise money to build out our audience. 

The platform serves both consumers and enterprise customers. JOZU ANALYTICS became an obvious ancillary revenue opportunity for us, and we created a B2B solution for travel companies to view our data through robust dashboards with an Analytics as a Service revenue strategy. 

2004 - Present 


Mighty Media Group is a consulting firm founded in Sydney, Australia in 2004. It's first customers included Pirelli Tyres Australia, and The Cabinet for content development and digital publishing. It evolved into a digital agency at the forefront of social media in 2009. 

MMG has consulted to a plethora of blue chip multi-billion dollar multi-national companies including SSP - The Food Travel Experts, Club Med, Allied Mills, AIATSIS (The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Sydney Airport, JR/DutyFree, Oakwood Asia Pacific Hotels, Cebu Pacific Air, Accolade Wines Global Travel Retail, Wonderful Pistachios and Almonds, F.I.N.E Bijoux Jewellers, and many more. 

MMG delivers digital marketing campaigns and strategies that have won international awards. In 2016, Accolade Wines GTR Division won the prestigious Frontier Award Technology Innovator of the Year Award in Cannes for MMG's #HardysHero Campaign. The #HardysHero campaign was an omni-channel activation that leveraged mobile advertising, a mobile game, ibeacons, and digital display advertising in partnership with Sydney Airport. 

2001 - 2004


OCEAN DRIVE (AUSTRALIA) was Australia's first national glossy lifestyle magazine. It was a category champion and was launched in December 2001, touting the biggest magazine launch in the history of Australian publishing. The magazine was distributed nationally through newsstands at the highest price point for a domestic magazine, and included a distribution to five star hotels, airline lounges, luxury spas, and luxury car dealers. I raised $450K in angel funding for this venture.

The franchised publication was returned back to its holding group - SoBe News Inc. at the end of its initial licensing period for environmental reasons.

 (I vowed never to kill a tree and print traditionally again.)