#Hoodies Up for Trayvon Martin - Sign the Change.org Petition for Justice



Life isn't fair. Trayvon Martin, aged 17, lost his life in Florida, gunned down by  a vigilante neighborhood watch clown, George Zimmerman who defied advice from the police to leave the kid alone. Two parents are left hurting with a hole in their heart that will never heal. School kids are hurting, facing racial prejudices that are being blamed on athletic cotton wear clothing choices by Geraldo Rivera in national television... WTF!!

Justice is sometimes so damn blind, it can't differentiate between darkness and light.

Trayvon was a kid that was fearing for his own safety when he saw his assailant and believed he was being followed. He thought he had found himself in danger and indeed he was. His death causes my heart to break as it was so tragically unnecessary. The blame of fear being placed on his choice of outerwear disturbs me even more as America gets crazier the longer I stay away.

I remember when I first moved to Australia. I came in contact with these two very nice but very ignorant doctors (husband and wife). Over a civilized meal they prodded me about my status as a gun owner because I had just moved to Australia from Los Angeles. I was bamboozled at their stupid question and remember being gravely offended. Thinking back to 1997, those were very different times even after Rodney King and the O-Jay Simpson debacle and now, Americans take their right to bear arms very personally. Just because they have the right doesn't not mean that they have to exercise it.

What needs to happen now is justice. George Zimmerman needs to be responsible for his actions and the court system needs to acknowledge that he defied police advice, and shot an un-armed kid  and ended his life. His actions were not ok.

I urge you to sign the petition for Justice for Trayvon Martin at Change.org. Show your support to the family by putting your hoodie up, and share it with me and those who in support of the family of Trayvon Martin.  Tweet #hoodiesup.


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