Two Noblemen on Twitter - The Art of Conversation

It is no secret that I am passionate about the future of new media and the  power of conversational marketing. Meet three of my favorite Twitter mates who I think are elegant marketers. Jayson Bryant (Twitter's @WineVaultTV ) Jayson is the owner of Auckland's best wine boutique The Wine Vault. This Englishman is also a marketing innovator who educates New Zealanders on wines and builds community through his online presence, like-able personality and incredible product knowledge that he communicates authentically through his jovial disposition. It's good stuff - never too processed or preachy. His blend of quirky guests keep his regular wine show v-blogs unpredictable. Up close Jayson is the kind of guy you would want to have a glass of wine with and talk to and alas his fans and followers return for more of his off the cuff, real-life video updates and impromptu wine shows. (I had the pleasure of being a guest on his show which we filmed in Auckland in May 2010. It was really fun and deliciously insightfyl and I will give $100 to the person who can tell me the name of the wine we tasted and where it is from and posts it here on this blog in the comments.)

Meet Peter, the beanie wearing chap who is regarded by many as @BlokesLib. Peter is another legendary example of good online conversationalism. Peter spends a great deal of his time in entertaining with his Twitter tribe with anecdotes, stories, photos and updates from his freezing tent powering his laptop on his car battery in Hobart Australia. His website was conceived as a "community for males about males" however his virtual pool-hall has connected with thousands of women and they are willing to talk about whatever his topic is of the day. From the gender inspired banter of day to day happenings Peter launched the ultimate online escapist experience - an adventure channel called Adventure Remote. His first 40,000+ potential customers to market his idea to were his immediate Twitter followers - people who know him, trust him and interact with him. Peter is clever, witty and not afraid of the Tasmanian surf (watch his videos for a closer look!)


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