Bling Bling - If it is good enough for Jennifer Hawkins...

I can proudly and fully disclaim that I know a few talented women. Women who have chops. Style. Flair. The gals Song Chun Dug and Geraldine Dielenberg are two of my beautiful friends and the dynamic duo behind the rockstar brand Bijoux Bemille.  Bijoux Bemille is a bijoux jewelery range that touts some of the best designers in the world of couture. These ladies have impeccable taste and their range reflects an understanding the needs of modern feminists to look and feel fabulous. From my friends I occasionally get the down low. This one is a secret...a SECRET Gallery. A lair of all things elegant.

Every fabulous girl needs an occasional pick me up. In the aftermath of a global financial crisi swanning into Louis Vuitton after a long lunch for trinket-laden handbag or new pair of monogrammed platforms is considered self indulgent. Grossly decadent. Down right delicious.

At present we are meant to be on economic diets.  Affordable elegance is the new black and Bijoux Bemille a nouveau Chanel. It is French couture and for two days you can afford to appear reasonable. (There is a quiet little pop up store happening and prices are discounted 40% off retail.) Splurge on the beautiful metallic ring inspired mesh chain mail necklace, Aris Geldis, or on the whimsical and feminine bow of the Rock Cristal Rubis. (I wouldn't turn down either, truthfully).

Bijoux Bemille are going the uber popular route of a Pop Up Sale on August 2 - 3rd at the Crystal Bar. If you are not familiar with the GPO, follow the trail of suits to the Westin Hotel and take the escalator downstairs. Ask a waiter, discreetly, because if the necklaces are good enough for J-Ho (Jennifer Hawkins), they are good enough for me.