Congrats #MashableAwards Winners! (CES - Las Vegas)

As a digital native, Mashable is the best place to trendspot. In it's 4th year, I'm thrilled to salute the team in New York who make it all happen. A spill-over of CES (Consumer Electronic Show) and held in the beautiful Zumanity Theatre in Las Vegas, the show was very American but no less entertaining.

Winners that came as no surprise to me:

Best Location App:  Foursquare (was there ever a questions about the market leader here?)

Breakthrough Web Design: The New Twitter (well done Jack, Ev and team)

Best Mobile Game: Angry Birds (My son loves it - more than any other game)

Best Social Media Customer Service: (Retailers in transit could take a leaf from this book)

Best Social Media Management Tool:  Hootsuite (they have been good for a long time!)

Best Social Media Service for Small Business: ReachCast

The unexplainable from this corner of the world:

Who the heck is Antoine Dodson?

Great to see Social Good become a category that celebrates innovation in the non-profit space and I have to give a big shout to

To the Mashable events team -  a digital salute!