Daily Poetry: J. Axel feat. Astrid Suryanto - You Give Me (Love)

Sometime a song just sticks with you. This bouncy little tune is one that I never get sick of hearing. In its simplicity it is a song about happiness, joy and the power of positive energy transferring through thoughts. DJ J. Axel paired up with Indonesian songstress Astrid Suryanto, vocalist and produced this song, You Give Me Love. I love the lone trumpet on the intro and the subtle undertone of a rainstorm happening in the background. The song has uptempo movement whilst still being a chill-out electronica favorite.

No truer words from a lover's lips:

Another day is coming With the thoughts of you in my head The feeling is overwhelming Didn’t thought I need you this way

I see the beauty of colors That you’ve been projected And I’d like to thank you for the seconds of your presence

You give me love Showing me that you can be the one in my life And I know there is no other love that could fill This hole in my heart You give me love

Betwixt the sexy house beats there is a huge underlying theme - The Power of Thought. Ever thought about someone and they called you? This I often refer to as the 'power of intention'. In the same way that positive intentions can be manifested we must also consider the impact that negative emotions have on those we are casting them onto.  To understand how this works, think soul-mail instead of email. Envision your thoughts are tweets placed on someone's soul stream or  updates on a mental Facebook wall because believe you me the energetic being (person, object or idea) on the other end of that thought is getting what you are projecting on them...they just might not know why they are feeling it so lousy or where it is coming from.

Got a story of positive intention working for you in an usual way? Share it with me and leave me some love, it makes this blogging thing a whole lot more interesting.