Daily Poetry: Opera (a poem I wrote...)

I wrote a poem for a couple who have a stunning beach house in Sydney. The afternoon sea breezes have often kissed our faces from the balcony. It is a very peaceful spot.  The occasion was their combined birthday and as a couple of means (BRW Top 200 Rich List), deciding on a gift has often perplexed me. In 2007 I wrote and then painted these verses on two canvases and gave them to them as their annual gift. I thought at the very least the kitsch factor would score high and at the very the whimsical artwork could grace a hallway or guest room.


The sea sand out with a song he had heard but never listened to.

Each wave a voice -

Strong, persistent, and singularly resounding.

The inaudible words of their refrain spoke tales of triumph,

of blissful rejoicing, and of the felicitous regeneration

of life back to life.

The birds dipped and dove in cadence to the wild chorus.

The rhythm - the definitive heartbeat of a newborn

just catching its first breaths -

gave promise of many tomorrows

as the sun presided over the hedonistic celebrations of nature's largess.

"To Life - this life," chimed the seagulls in delectation

as the disporting northerly wind

warmed the old man's face.

This was a strange and curious gift. The couple never thanked me. The female later casually mentioned that they had no idea what the poem was about. I wanted to send her a dictionary for her next birthday but resisted the urge. Now I pose the question to you.

What do you make of it? I would really appreciate your feedback.