Gourmet Travels - Caviar House Seafood Bar

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtCm3Ksxf3I Whenever I am in transit at Heathrow Airport I don't bother with duty free shopping. I make a bee line for the Caviar House & Prunier seafood bar.  After being turned on to fine caviar by R&B legend Bobby Brown in Virginia caviar has always been a special but rare indulgence and not because of the price but because of limited access to quality purveyors and authentic products. There is a real difference between fine farm-raised caviar and fish eggs in a jar. Now that I travel nearly once a month through major transit hubs like Hong Kong, Sydney International and Geneva I know that the Caviar House offers more than just tiny tins of culinary ecstasy for which I am admittedly addicted.

The Balik range of smoked salmon (presently not offered in my local Sydney restaurant located after customs at Sydney International Airport departures) is amongst the best I have ever experienced - for both flavor and texture.  I've played escapist watching the video on the plasma screen behind the posh marble top bar with a video of the lush Swiss countryside where the smoke houses handle the processing and daydreamed of someday visiting the The Balik Farm where each tasty slab of stunning pink flesh is loving hand cut and de-boned.

Because I am usually not operating any heavy machinery or scheduled to fly the plane during my serendipitous culinary respite I also enjoy the Caviar House's exclusive selection of premium vodkas, beers and signature champagnes - try the Diamant if you are a purest and the Noir (black) if you like the subtle hint of Szechuan pepper.

If caviar is not your thing, rest assured you can probably get your seafood craving sated with plump prawns (shrimp if you are in JFK Airport), freshly shucked oysters and Alaskan King crab legs.

Many locations offer more substantial meals like breakfast (scrambled eggs with smoked salmon lashed with caviar) and toasted sandwiches (try the lobster sandwich with a Balik beer combo).

For me, the Caviar House is all about the experience. I get a great healthy meal, wonderful service and fine unprocessed food and in my own little corner of ambiance between flights and this little reward is well worth the journey.  Do you have a gourmet escape somewhere on your frequent travel path? I'd love to trade tips with you.

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