I was not robbed and I am home safe. However, you need to know this...

This afternoon at 5:56PM I received an email from me. Well, it was me but not really me. It was the me that is part of my business and one of our many credentials to our networks. For the record, if you received this email from knowyourinquiries@gmail.com let me clarify a few things.

1. I am not nor have been in the UK since July. I was in Dublin at the F.ounders Conference  and Dublin Web Summit but completely bi-passed Heathrow and Scotland.

2. This is a scam. Beware of Google as our account clearly got hacked.

3. Never send anyone any money on Western Union.

The email stated this:

I'm quite optimistic all is well with you. I just want you to know that I'm presently in the UK for a Seminar. I'm really sorry I didn't inform you about the trip. It was so urgent and I just have to be at the seminar. Please I want to confide in you and I want it private between us because I don’t want my other family members or friends to get worried over my present condition. I was attacked on my way to the hotel I lodged, although I wasn't hurt because I complied immediately but my mobile phone and luggage were stolen. What bothered me most are my Cards but I have called the card company and blocked my cards and I have also been to the embassy to reschedule my flight. Aside these, I need to sort out some vital issues including my bills.

Please I need financial assistance. I would like you to help me with £1,500pounds or any amount you could afford. I will refund you with interest upon my arrival back home. Let me know if you would be able to help me with the money or any amount you could afford. Since I cannot receive money via my account here now, you can send me the money via the western union money transfer service. The western union money transfer service is available in any banks or you can simply search for the nearest outlet on their website [www.westernunion.com].

All you need to make the transfer is my name and the present country I'm now. The details below will be needed for the transfer at any western union office/outlet.  You will have to email me the money transfer control number [MTCN] on the receipt after the transfer. I can only receive the money here with the money transfer control number.

Name:       Stephenie Rodriguez Address:   14, West Nile Street G1 2RL Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom.

Thanks for your kindness. I will expect your response soon. Many thanks in advance.

Stephenie Rodriguez Chief KnowItAll Mighty Media Group

If you received this email, know that we are investigating this with Scotland Yard and the local police.