Obi Figeroa - Thanksgiving Dinner Video

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My father loved Thanksgiving. One of my greatest memories was of being at his little house in Ceiba, Puerto Rico in the late 90s. Here over sixty of our extended family, including my grandparents, would gather for a day of feasting. It was always bubbling with children everywhere, lively colloquial conversations in Spanish with a few people translating to English to me as a token gesture and amazing food. Arroz Con Gandules (pigeon peas for those who have never been), turkey and jamon, and local native fish that someone caught that morning and of course, lots of Heinekens for the men. (They are such good marketers to Latinos but that is another blog for another day...)

Dad has passed and I am far, far away but make it a point to remember the holiday if only in Nestor's memory and to pass on the family feasting tradition to my son. I was fortunate to have a fellow Puerto Rican - over for Thanksgiving 2010. This video is what he had to say about our meal to my overseas Rodriguez family.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? Got any special traditions unique to your family?