Social Media in B2B Environments

I gave a keynote recently in Sydney for 160 of the top blue chip companies across industries. In one room I had CEOs of Australia's top utilities, bio-tech, not for profit (Mission Australia) and megabrands (Lion Nathan and Google). Also on the docket was Sam Reese, President of Miller Heiman (world-wide), to whom I scored second most effective speaker. (That was fair, after all, it was his company's gig!)

For the Miller Heiman Summit I chose the topic "Social Media for Sales Transformation" as it related directly to B2B sales environments.

The response was really positive and I felt that there were many in the room who took away the need to activate their teams for the shifting climate of 'social selling'. To them I posed a simple question: "Customers are everywhere - the question is are they talking about you and your brand or company. If they aren't, how do you get closer to them in an authentic way?" and my answer was really simple. "Community - Build it and engage it."

Who do you know is leading the way in B2B community engagement? I welcome your thoughts.