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A Montreux Jazz Festival Moment Jamiroquai – Little L (2003)

Jamiroquai is a band that I loved to hate. Jay Kay was a pop-muppet with silly hats in all his music videos. I felt this until I had a religious experience at 35,000 ft. His performance in my little corner of music heaven (Montreux Jazz Festival) is featured in this clip of a cheeky song that is not about love.

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Yasmine Tamara on the Stage in Geneva - Did I hear Annabel Lee?

Annabel Lee is amongst the greatest poems of love ever written and Edgar Allen Poe's best work next to the Raven. Yasmine Tamara, Switzerland's best kept secret delivers a handful of excepts - songs from her new album in this short video. What do you think of her?

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Day 1 – Planes, Trains and Luggage Trolleys to the Montreux Jazz Festival

Stephenie Rodriguez (@Digitalgodess) commenced her journey to the 44th Annual Montreux Jazz Festival. Day 1 involved a departure from Sydney International Airport, two airplanes, three airports, one shower, six meals, a train ride and an angry luggage cart in Montreux.

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