What's On a Man's Mind...

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T34tr2K-bIc There are some films that stick with you long after they stopped making sense. St Elmo's Fire was one of those films about a strange light phenomenon that appeared so random that it was significant but was also the name of the iconic bar where seven college students regularly congregate.

At the time of it's original release, I liked the film because it was well cast and told a compelling coming of age story of Yuppies in America. Now, it just makes me nostalgic.

This dialogue about the momentous happenings in a man's life made me feel like I was ease-dropping in a locker room and force me to ponder how these values have changed over time. What really matters to men in this new millennium? Are today's brooding metrosexuals still savoring the same sweet moments?

You tell me.