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Blue Note: What to do with Trolls, Detractors & Bozos - Mighty Media Group.


Today I wrote a blog for my company that seemed relevant to post. I'd love your feedback on what you do with trolls, haters, Bozos on your Facebook and Twitter streams.The aforementioned groups are those who complain to you, at your or about you online by definition.

When its personal it is a bit easier to simply "block the haters" however if under a company's persona could leave it a subjective action by a community manager to make the call on who and what gets filtered as important and even the most skilled and briefed would not appreciated a company's full disclosed and undisclosed agenda to consciously decide who gets blocked.

I know a few of my friends in BIG TELCO who listen to everything mentioned around their brand -  even if a parrot says it - it gets classified through a rigorous process called moderation.


Would you let Bubble be your social media gatekeeper?

Would you let Bubbles be your community manager? (I hear Bubbles is very very smart and looking for a new gig these days.)

Bubbles would never appreciate that whilst a proverbial pain in the ass, (this is my personal blog, I can swear here) negative feedback indicates that a community is engaged. Nothing sounds like death (irrelevance) as much as the silence of inactivity.

Sometimes haters can be really useful. They can tell you what you are doing or saying that is resonating most.  A really good example of this which happened recently in social media was the #QantasLuxury campaign. Qantas Airways attempted to get people to talk about their experiences of luxury aboard Qantas planes.

Um...duh...Qantas is known for safety, not luxury. Although they are investing in some heavy equipment these days and rolling out the Airbus planes, it is a massive shift to move our perception around the brand. Ask me about Etihad and I can tell you how much they want to be Emirates, who rival Singapore Airlines in true inflight Four Seasons style luxury. I have nearly a million frequent flyer miles in my lifetime to qualify as an expert.

We are a few years away from forgetting Rainman.

People responded with concerns over the recent outage in services, being stranded (lacking confidence in the airline and certainty around future purchases), and indicating a higher propensity for churn. This also gave competitor Virgin a huge chance to cuddle up closer to everyone who addressed @QantasAirways and know what was on travelers minds.

What do you think?