Day 3: Swinging at Montreux Jazz Festival

Day 3: July 12, 2010 Montreux Jazz Festival from the Caviar House VIP Lounge...Summer in Montreux is glorious. The outside temperature is warm enough to not need a jumper and cool enough to not be offensive or oppressive. Monday the weekend warriors had gone home and returned to being a fairly civilized Swiss run operation. Offsite and about a kilometer from the Miles Davis Hall along the boardwalk I found a little purpose built swimming jetty opposite the Eden Hotel. Ten teak deck chairs are chained to footings and available to interested sunbathers. It is here that I spent part of the morning getting a healthy dose of vitamin D alternating healthy dips and dog paddles in the coolish fresh water of Lake Geneva. If you can manage the cool a dip is the way to go on a morning after in Montreux.