Foursquare Day #4sqDay - What's Happening?

Confession: I am a foursquare fiend. I find it useful when I travel for all the wonderful things I can learn from the local street knowledge level and it never ceases to amaze me how many local brands miss out by ignoring the platform and interaction point as a virtual gold mine of consumer insights...ah the marketer in me never sleeps...

I'm lucky. I will get to go have drinks with other Twitterati at the Opera House here in Sydney, enjoy a cracker view (Aussie for fantastic) of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and hob knob with the locals. Folks flying out of Sydney won't be so lucky...We know how much checking in at your local dive means on such an esteemed day. A day where it is ok to be be furiously texting, sub-grouping on Beluga, and asking others "So, where are you?" and "How's that party?"

So, my esteemed and fabulous colleagues at SSP Australia are making those in transit a little less lonely. SSP are amongst the first food and beverage providers who started connecting with passengers and local airport staff nearly six months ago. Queensland stole the thunder with the first local Aussie badge, but we still dream of having one for Sydney International Airport one day and for those of you who visit it, we're lobbying hard to convince the suits around the airport that social media is a viable way to communicate with folks, especially travelers.

In the interim, I would like to wish all my social media friends and family a sincere and safe Foursquare Day - drinking and driving or puking on Dennis Crowley is simply not acceptable. Let's try not to shake the net to hard with our check-ins, tweets and all around cavorting...then again...f@ck it, let's just have some fun!

And if you are are traveling, make sure and check out Rosie & Banel tomorrow doing a special live set at Montreux Jazz Cafe - before customs at Sydney International Airport departures. They don't mind a camera in their face or a dollar in their tip jar!


Check in on Foursquare for the deals - Make sure to use the unlock code "FRESHONTHEGO". Follow them on Twitter at @MontreuxJazzSyd - they're nice.

So, what are your plans for Foursquare Day 2011?