Where Does the Devil Revel?


It is often said that the devil lies in the details. Details are those little things that are big things. The details are the granular twines that manifest like promises and mission statements that we articulate to others when we swear to deliver quality and always act with our clients' best interest.

These details are not just the fine print in our contracts but the whispers we give over handshakes when we ask others to trust us as new media strategists, digital agencies and professional organizations that coexist in the new paradigms of social business networks. We connect within these ecosystems for the purpose of collaboration and cooperation and though interactions are not always face to face over a coffee or at the proverbial water-cooler these undertakings and incantations still matter.

On open social networks where we flock, cluster and topically share we are more likely to readily come in contact with others with common interests. Finding a thread of similarity becomes easier than in a crowded physical room where everyone is wearing grey pin-striped suits and requisite blue-collared shirts or the stereotypical little black dress. Whilst discussions tend to be fragmented the conversational loose ties are indeed highly personal and demonstrate the greatest level of passion as we choose to align with ideas, companies and organizations that we think will add meaning to our life in the WIIFM (whats in in it for me) era and hold even higher expectations of reciprocity in The Thank You Economy of this decade.

Don't pay lip service to your colleagues or customers and promise them that you care and then not have the decency to ensure that you offered their business the very basic polite courtesies you could never get away with in real life. Further, don't expect them to look the other way when you indeed act nonchalant. This is a cardinal sin. The passe behavior because such relationships are not "in real life" bears the scarlet letters F-A-I-L and revels in opposing authenticity. This ethos can only be conquered - with care.

It is the kind of care that Gary Vaynerchuk articulates in Crush It, his book on entrepreneurial opportunities in the digital economy that swept the reading lists in 2010. Herein he devotes a whole chapter of marketing secrets to one single word, CARE, which I believe he totally fucking meant and could not have summed it up any simpler.

Care is when you fact check. Care is when you spell check. Care is when you bother to get your guest speaker's name right on your published marketing material for your commercialized webinar. #imjustsaying...

Care is when you get your members name right when they pay your association big annual dues. Care is when you love their email address beyond their annual subscription fees and aim for drive some kind of relationship and value beyond spamming an email account multiple times a week with a message addressed to someone else. I quote Kevin Roberts, author of Lovemarks (one of my manifestos of marketing) - "No Care, No Love."

'Nuff said.