Meet @sunsethair - The New Kid on the Beauty Block.

Sometimes life surprises you. Today was one of those days. I struggle to take time out for digitalgodess-grooming girly rituals and when I do I feel this great need to be able to work - not listen to a room full of chatter, clatter and pretentious staff gossiping to me and about me whilst flitting about in a room full of human shavings. May I also mention that I want terrific technical advice and expertise on cut and color - attributes rarely possible in one single hairdresser. One person, one time-slot and once every six week in a room that I can think in - was this even possible?

A fellow Puerto Rican (one of three of us living in Sydney) Obi Figueroa has created a gourmet grooming service catering to busy folks like me who need a space to work and get coiffed in a tranquil, relaxed personalized environment.   The lowdown: Sunset Hair is a cost effective alternative to a big name expensive salon with a few succinct advantages: free 2 hour underground/undercover parking, a wine cellar/seller in the basement (Obi offers a complete menu of beverages - both alcoholic and soft-drinks) and an amazing open terrace with fresh air and city views. In additional to the private surrounds he's generous with the wifi and privacy and won't invade your space if you don't have time or the inclination for 'chair chat'.

I loved the service in a private and personalized environment with a convenient Waterloo/Sydney address - no parking meters or snooty receptionists abound here.  His blow dry was bouncy and the cut was precise - he's got over 10 years of Aveda experience behind the brush so expect great advice and handling. Tint Retouch, Hair Cut and Blow job will set you back $100 - Glamour at GFC prices. Call Obi on 0424 618 492 to get squeezed in.